Health Benefits of Drinking Georgian Wine

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Wine is an essential part of the table of many families. We drink wine during dinner or after a long and hard day. It is the highlight of some holidays. However, it is healthy or hazardous to human health? As long as you take it in moderation – there are different benefits. Our blog will focus on how traditional Georgian wine can help by boosting your health.

Georgian Wine Contains Antioxidants

If you are searching for a way to battle free radicals, white wine could be the solution. Free radicals can lead to different illnesses such as cancer. However, Kakheti wine contains enough antioxidants to help you stay healthy.

A Boost to Your Immune System

There are countless ways to keep a healthy immune system. Regular intake of vitamins through food is a must, but a glass of Kakheti wind could do wonders.

Higher Bone Density

Calcium is of vital importance for keeping our bones strong. The older we get, the more we need it. While milk and cheese can help, drinking traditional Georgian Wine is also a great idea. In this case, red wine would be the optimal choice. It has high levels of silicon, which will stabilize and enforce bone density. By drinking wine, you will reduce the chances of osteoporosis as well.

Lower Chance of Receiving a Stroke

Drinking a small amount of Georgian wine each day could prevent blood clotting. The benefits are significant for females. Blood clots which might cause a stroke will break up, so the overall risk will be much lower. Red wine has phenols which can thicken the blood (much like how aspirin works). Always take things in moderation. Overdrinking will actually increase the chances of suffering from a stroke.

Less Likely to Suffer from Heart Diseases

Kakheti wine contains procyanidins which can remove free radicals. By drinking one glass per day, the chances of having any heart diseases will drop significantly. Blood cells will flow without clogging up. While having a healthy diet is important, drinking some wine could also benefit you a lot. These are means to reduce bad cholesterol and resume a normal lifestyle.

Better Cognitive Functions

By drinking some traditional Georgian wine, you will boost brain function and reduce the chance of developing dementia. Not only that, but this type of wine will slow aging and maintain younger appearances.


Our Georgian Wine Company Has a Mission to Restore the old Traditions

We come from the region of Kakheti in Eastern Georgia. These lands have a unique culture along with a rich history. More tourists arrive here annually than any other region within the country. One of Kakheti’s greatest assets are its wines.

This is why George Batoni is here. Our Georgian Wine Company wants to restore the old traditions to their glorious past. We will do this by using the ancient qvevri-making method. A small number of villages in the area still produce qvevri. However, times are about to change for the better. Our goal is to produce the purest wine there is and share it with the world. Later in 2019, our amazing Georgian wine will reach the local market for everyone who wishes to taste it. Thanks to different distributors, clients from abroad will also have the opportunity to experience it.

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