Why Drink Kakheti Wine?

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Kakheti Wine’s Rich History

Georgian wine; Georgian wine company; Kakheti wineThe history of wine started around 6000 B.C. That was around 8000 years ago. And it all began in the valleys of Georgia. Throughout history, the local population has managed to save their ancient winemaking traditions. Think about it – if Georgia never existed, winemaking would have been completely different. Or, it might have never existed in the first place. Georgian wine is truly something to behold. Currently, the local wine industry uses around 30 different varieties of grapes. However, there are 525 indigenous types across the country. The ancient traditions are making a comeback. Smaller companies, as well as foreign investors, are showing interest in them. It is of vital importance for the old traditions and new technologies to coexist. Some villages in the region of Kakheti, you can discover centuries-old winepresses.

The use of clay vessels which lay below the ground is nothing new. Our Georgian wine company uses qvevri to create original and natural Kakheti wine.

Great Health Benefits

  • Kakheti Wine has antioxidants. They are great at fighting free radicals. White wine is the best choice. Avoid serious illnesses and stay healthy while enjoying a drink
  • The immune system will become stronger. Kakheti wine is rich in vitamins
  • Your bones will become denser. The older we get, the more calcium our bodies need. Red Georgian wine contains high levels of silicon. They will enforce your bone density
  • Prevent future strokes. Blood clotting can be dangerous. They could lead to serious strokes. The phenols in red wine will break them apart and cleanse the body. Our Georgian wine company guarantees it
  • The cognitive functions will improve. The wine will boost your brain functions and greatly reduce the chances of dementia. It will also slow down aging and help in maintaining younger appearances
  • Avoid heart diseases. The procyanidins from Kakheti wine will remove free radicals. Only one glass per day will greatly reduce the chances of developing any heart disease. Cholesterol levels will go down

The Taste Is Amazing And Goes Well With Different Foods

Cheese. Cheese and crackers go wonderfully with Georgian wine. Some great examples are oaked Chardonnay, Feta cheese, Sauvignon Blanc, and others. Blue cheese and red wine make an amazing combination.

Dark Chocolate. It is difficult combining any type of chocolate with wine. Usually, the taste is weird and unappealing. However, it can work. One way to do it is to use dark chocolate along with full-bodied red wine (Syrah comes to mind).

There are more unique combinations which we will show in a future blog.

Our Georgian Wine Company Has a unique Mission. We want to restore the old traditions and share them with the world. Our home is the region of Kakheti from Eastern Georgia. If you decide to visit, you will notice how rich our culture and history are. After all, there are more tourists here than any other region of Georgia.

One of the reasons we receive so many visitors is the unique Kakheti wine. Our Georgian Wine Company will show you how the ancient qvevri-making method works. Contact us to learn more.

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