Georgian Wine and Its Rich History

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While other regions of the world are abandoning their ancient traditions, Georgia does not. The key to achieving great taste is being natural. That is why local vintners preserve the unique qvevri method for producing wine. The method is a part of UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage. The qvevri’s unique features have a positive effect on wine.

History of the Georgian Wine

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As one of the oldest countries in the world, Georgia has saved its ancient winemaking traditions. History records show the production of wine in this region started at around 6000 B.C. which was 8000 years ago! In comparison, the wheel was invented at least 1500 years later. It is highly likely Georgia is the original birthplace of wine. If this country never existed, it is possible our world would have never known the pleasure of drinking wine. While the industry uses around 30 different varieties of grapes, there are 525 indigenous types across Georgia. Some of them were considered extinct, but that turned out to be wrong. Traditional wine countries such as Italy and France are no showing interest to the unique Georgian wine.

An important concern in winemaking is how to implement new technologies and methods. While changes happen all the time, it is important to preserve the old traditions. In some villages, you can still find centuries-old winepresses. The method of using clay vessels under the ground so the grapes will ferment is not new. Ancient qvevri have been discovered in the region of Kvemo Kartli. You can find examples in the Georgian National Museum.

One great benefit of this method would be temperature control. It is always between 12 and 15 degrees which is excellent for fermentation.

The Unique Kakheti Wine

Kakheti is the eastern-most region of Georgia. It has a colorful culture and a rich history. More tourists visit Kakheti than any other province of the country. And for good reason – there is so much to do, see, and experience.

It is here that George Batoni’s story begins. We are a Georgian Wine Company which deeply cares about the old traditions and wants to bring them back. We acknowledge that the qvevri-making method is a lost art. Only a few villages have workshops which practice the craft of producing new qvevri. However, through our wines, we plan on restoring the ancient traditions and showing them to the world. Stop by and taste our amazing Georgian Wine. Our products will be available outside Kakheti as well. Our goal is to help sophisticated wine lovers experience the most amazing flavors they have ever tasted. Later in 2019, the first bottles will be on the market for everyone to enjoy. The pure qvevri wines will improve the atmosphere of any table. Our mission is to go back in history and restore the ancient, natural traditions of Georgian wine production. Through our distributors, clients from all over the world will soon have the chance to experience something unique – the amazing Kakheti wine. It holds 80 centuries of history. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are excited to begin our new adventure and welcome you to join us.

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